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The AC DC company was formed in November, 1994. Since 1995 it had taken over the technical maintenance of the firm (back then called) "City's Cinemas" (over 12 (twelve) movie theaters). AC DC specifically took care of the cinema sound, and the devices for sound processing of the 35mm-tape audio record (processors, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and optic readers).

Cinema sound

The increasingly visible need for additional professional improvement result in visiting Dolby Laboratories, company in England. Improved and specialized, AC DC became the official and only service and representative of this renowned company in Macedonia.

The first important project ment replacing the old (Slovenian) audio cinema system in the Millenium theater (back then known as "Center").

AC DC is regular visitor of annual Dolby seminars. The firm is constantly improving and keeping up to date with the news and developments in cinema technology. Around the same period was signed the first contract for technical support of International Cinematographers' Film Festival "Manaki Brothers" in Bitola. In 1996/1997 AC DC officially became the first (and the only one on the market) service for cinema technique in Macedonia.


Projection and projectors

The work exposed a need for further professional improvement regarding the picture projections, projectors and cinema picture design. That gave a reason for visiting of MEOPTA in Czech Republic in 1998, as well as visiting and a professional training in KINOTON, renowned company from Germany. Afterwards, AC DC became official KINOTON service and distributor for Macedonia.

Every year, AC DC Company is also present on CINEMA EXPO in Amsterdam as a guest of Kinoton. These full-time manufacture visits and events define our technical education of cinema picture projection, as well as our continuous awareness and practice of the new trends in cinema industry. They give AC DC Company a high ranking among the companies that specialize in cinema technique.



Along with cinema specializations (sound and picture), came the need for hall acoustical design and definition, as well as a need for accurate acoustic measurements and analytics. These secrets were revealed through Dolby and Kinoton training courses and, of course, by on field experience of measuring sound specialties of cinema halls around Macedonia. By procurement of Clio - system for acoustic measuring and analyses (hardware and software), these maneuvers became inseparable part of AC DC at designing and adjusting acoustic of halls and rooms.


Digital and E – Cinema

Digitalization trends in the world cinemas are growing. Currently, the changes in cinema technology are happening rapidly, worldwide. Also on a rise is the usage of digitally controlled acoustics (digital processors) in halls, which converts the existing old halls into multimedia centers, making them affordable for all kinds of shows and presentations.


DIGITALIZATION AND CINEMA DESIGNING. | tel. +389 (0)2 3216 988 fax. +389 (0)2 3216 993



Own innovative and development component is always the highest priority and activity with highest company investment.

Today, AC DC Company practically operate via 3 (three) independent sectors which cooperate closely.

  1. Production Sector: Own production of OVP's (Over Voltage Protection or Surge Suppression Devices). Production of OVP's or Surge Suppressors is developed on bases of 4 (Four) patents of ours, that had won over 20 (twenty) domestic and foreign awards.

    UPS Sell – selling of UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Devices.
  2. Audio Sector .This sector is developed on bases of 2 (Two) patents of our innovation and development from the audio fields. Main activities are design and production of audio devices like amplifiers, loudspeaker boxes and others. At the same time, this sector is a sanctuary of our teenage souls and dreams.
  3. Cinema Sector is explanted above. We should also mention the production of Red Led Reader - developed on bases of our patent, "Macedonian Red Reader for 35 mm films". These had been installed in few cinemas in Macedonia and south Serbia on MEOPTA and ISKRA projectors.


Curriculum Vitae (CV):.pdf: Cinema


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